A professional house painter can transform your house overnight with a fresh coat of high-quality interior paint. However, no matter how good the team you hire is, they won’t be able to deliver adequate results if you don’t properly prepare your house for their services.

Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know about preparing your home for residential painters.

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Remove All Potential Obstacles

House painting comes with a high risk, even for a professional and meticulous interior and exterior painting team. Paint can drip over your furniture and wall objects if you don’t remove them from the work site, and high-quality house paints won’t scrub out after they settle in.

Removing every item from your work site is essential to protect them from paint droplets, regardless of size. If your household items are stuck in place, cover them with a tarp, dirty towel, or sheet to minimize any risk of your valuables suffering irreparable damage.

Not only will hiding your valuables keep them safe from unexpected paint disasters, but it will also make the painters’ lives easier. Most paint teams send multiple employees to handle a project, each with special equipment and paint. Between that influx of people and objects, your space will overcrowd quickly if you don’t create extra room.

Professional painters need easy access to every square inch of your walls so they don’t miss a spot that furniture would otherwise cover. If you don’t give them that access, they won’t be able to finish.

Keep Your Pets Away From the Painting Site

Not only will your pets distract your interior painters from the task at hand, but they can also make the work harder and decrease the quality of your painting project.

Professional painters need plenty of space to work to the best of their ability, and if you have a dog or cat taking room on the project site, the painters will need to work extra hard to avoid them. Additionally, animals can track dirt in the area, and if any of it gets on your walls before the paint dries, it will lower the quality of the finished product.

Keeping your pets outside or in a separate room is essential to prepare for your house painter. If your painting project only requires a couple of hours, you can take your pets to the park until your interior painter finishes their work. On the other hand, if the team needs multiple days to complete your project, you’ll either want to rent a pet-friendly hotel room or send your furry friends to a relative’s house until the paint dries.

Clean the Walls 24 Hours in Advance

Professional painters do plenty of prep work to ensure they deliver the best possible product, but washing your walls isn’t a common step. However, even the thinnest dirt and dust layers taint your new paint’s color and prevent it from sticking, so cleaning your walls is vital before the team begins to paint your home.

It’s best to clean your walls as close to your appointment time as possible to ensure no debris latches on between the washing and the painting, but you should be fine as long as you clean the walls within 24 hours of your appointment. Additionally, vacuuming your floors can ensure that no dust sneaks into the air with the added foot traffic of a professional paint team walking through your home.

Make Your Home Inhabitable for a Large Team

Interior and exterior painting is often an all-day event, and while you won’t need to cater to your team’s every need during that time, you should at least make your house easy to stay in throughout your appointment. That means ensuring your bathroom is stocked with proper toiletries, clearing your garage or driveway enough to store the crew’s equipment and vehicles, and potentially keeping drinking water easily accessible.

Find a Place to Stay

Once your house painter starts working, you may temporarily lose access to the parts of your home where they’re working. Additionally, if you work from home, you will need to work through a complete painting renovation until the team finishes their work. To avoid those distractions and inconveniences, you’ll need to get out of the house until the painters end their service.

You can schedule an out-of-town day trip for smaller painting projects, but if the work takes a few days, you’ll be better off renting a hotel room or staying with a friend until the house painter finishes.


Why should I bother prepping my home?

Prepping your house for painting services will make your house painter’s job easier, allowing them to finish quicker than if they had to navigate through clumsily placed furniture and constant distractions, letting you get back into your home quickly.

Most professional painters spend days working on a full-home painting project in ideal conditions, and painting in an unprepared home can add hours to the tally. However, if you cut out any needless prep work, the team can dive into the project and wrap up early.

Should I repair dents and nail holes before painting?

Most interior painters offer additional services to fill in holes or minor damages before they start working, so you won’t have to repair those problems yourself if you don’t have the time. However, whether you do it yourself or leave it to the painters, making your walls as smooth as possible will produce the best finished product.

How can I find the best professional painter near me?

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