Deck & Fence Staining and Painting Services in Grants Pass, OR

Superior Protection For Your Outdoor Living Spaces

With years of experience protecting decks and fences throughout Southern Oregon, we can help beautify your property and outdoor living space. As house painters, we have worked hard to build a reputation as a trusted painting company ready to assist with all your painting and staining needs. Our experts can tackle any painting or staining project, with a keen understanding of the challenges Oregon weather presents to wood structures on your Grants Pass, OR property.

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Deck Staining Experts

Decks are a major investment that can increase the value of your home while offering years of enjoyment. You need to protect your investment with the proper staining products and processes to help them stand up to the elements. Whether you have a brand-new deck or are looking for a way to rejuvenate a worn and tired looking deck, our team can provide advice on the best stain for your needs. Today, stains come in a wide variety of finishes and tints, allowing you to create a unique look for your backyard oasis. Even if your deck is cedar, it lasts even longer and looks even better when it is stained. Although cedar is a beautiful natural material that stands up very well to Oregon weather, we can stain your new cedar structures, or prep and restain cedar to bring out its natural color for added years of protection and beauty.

Fence Staining

Fences protect your property and offer privacy while helping enhance the look of your outdoor space. We can provide fence staining services to protect the wood and make your fence look brand new. With the new tinted stains available today you can also create a brand-new look for your property by restaining your wooden fence.

Arbor & Pergola Staining

Arbors are a lovely feature of your garden. However, they need strength to support your rose bushes or other climbing plants. Over time they are weakened by the elements. Your arbors require protection with the proper stain to withstand the harsh elements of Southern Oregon. We can recommend the best stain for your arbor and help protect it for years to come with superior arbor staining services in Grants Pass, OR.

Shed Staining

If your shed is looking a little worse for wear, a refreshed stain not only brings back its rustic charm but also protects the wood and the shed’s integrity. If you have a brand-new shed, staining can add depth of color, enhance the wood, and also protect it from Oregon weather. Our team of staining experts can help you create a truly unique look for your shed to create an attractive feature on your property.

Playhouse Staining

A garden playhouse is a magical backyard feature offering hours of fun for kids. Whether you have children or grandchildren to entertain, staining helps create a safe environment by protecting the integrity of the wood structure. We can protect their playhouse with high-quality Grants Pass, OR staining services to make your backyard a wonderful place for creative play. We can also create a truly customized look with a selection of colorful stains that offer a charming, enchanting look for your playhouse.

Barn Painting & Staining

Keep your barn in tip-top shape with professional barn painting and staining services in Grants Pass. When your barn is exposed to water the boards absorb moisture. In the winter, when the moisture freezes, it can lead to cracks that destroy your barn over time. Add to this the warmth and harsh rays of the sun, and unsealed wood becomes discolored. The only way to protect your barn from damage is to seal it with stain to help maintain its structural integrity and appearance. Although weathered barnboards are “in” for interior décor details, when it comes to outdoor structures, you need to seal your wood to prevent weathering and rot.

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Benefits of Deck & Fence Staining and Painting

Your decks and fences play an important role in creating an inviting outdoor living space. Fences offer privacy and shelter from the wind, while decks create comfortable outdoor living spaces to make the most of your Oregon summers. Good Neighbor Painting offers staining services for your decks, fences and other outdoor wood structures. Whether it is a newly installed or built structure or something you’ve enjoyed for years, we can recommend the best staining solutions to protect your wood structures for years to come. Staining your decks and fencing provides many benefits including:

  • Enhancing the wood’s natural tones, textures, knots and grain
  • Penetrating the wood grain to prevent moisture damage and rot
  • Highlighting the beauty of your structures with a wide selection of tints and finishes available

When you choose the right stain and finish for your project it both beautifies and protects your wood deck, fence and other outdoor structures. As a result, you can have years of enjoyment, optimizing your investment while minimizing maintenance.

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With our top-quality products, high level of customer service, and superior attention to detail, we are the Premier Deck, Fence, and Outdoor Living Space Painters of Grants Pass.


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Grants Pass Outdoor Protective Coating Experts

Good Neighbor Painting is your Grants Pass, OR deck and fence staining experts. We can help you find the right staining solution for your needs. We will help you protect and beautify your exterior wood structures for years of enjoyment and improved structural integrity. Your investment maintains its value while you also enjoy the beauty of your structures with minimal maintenance required on your part.

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