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We specialize in transforming homes into livable spaces that are stylish and inviting. Using the right paints and painting techniques, we create beautiful spaces with durable finishes designed to last.

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Let us refinish your entire home from top to bottom whether you want a neutral color throughout, or a different color on every wall.

Whether you had issues with water damage, installed a new wall or want to create a focal point, we offer wall painting services to suit your needs. No job is too small for our painting team.

This is back-breaking work that can also get messy. Our painters complete the work quickly and painlessly ensuring your floors and walls are protected as we work.

Trim and baseboard painting is tedious work that requires a lot of taping and attention to detail – things our team loves.

Doors require special attention as they are prone to wear and tear. We ensure doors are prepped first to improve adhesion and then painted for consistency from throughout the home.

Whether you had a leak, or your walls or ceiling was damaged by other means, we offer seamless sheetrock repairs.

We can address all those drafts and leaks throughout the home from window and door frames to pipes and ducts.

Just completed a drywall project but don’t know what color to paint yet? Let us prime your walls to protect the drywall until you find the right color inspiration.

We take the mess out of this messy step with the right prep work and equipment to keep your home dust-free and clean.

Our premium cabinet painting services offer an instant makeover without the need for messy, costly cabinet tear-outs and replacements.

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The Value of High-Quality Paint Jobs

Nothing offers a more affordable way to rejuvenate a space than a fresh coat of paint. When you want to makeover your interiors but don’t have the budget, it is surprising how a simple color change can completely transform a room. As Grants Pass professional painters, we ensure proper application with the right type of paint so our work not only looks good but also remains durable for years to come. We are a company that respects the results a carefully applied coat of paint offers.

We can add significant value to your property whether you are looking to sell your property in the near future or just want to feel more at home in your space. As professional painters we take painstaking steps to ensure perfection, so you never need to lift a finger. Good Neighbor Painting in Grants Pass, OR is your painting experts offering the easiest, most affordable makeover solution for your home.

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Expert Advice for Your Interior Painting Projects

No two painting jobs are alike. We understand each of our customers has different tastes, budgets and interior challenges. Our team specializes in interior home painting with a keen eye for design. We can help you choose the ideal color scheme for your home and consider your home décor to create harmonious living spaces.

Paint can be used to achieve many different design goals whether it is to help change the mood of the space, add more vibrancy, create a focal point, or even hide imperfections you can’t afford to correct. We are also experienced working with interior designers and can follow instructions to help you achieve the exact look you desire. We can assist with any of the following types of projects:

  • Total home makeovers
  • Finishing new drywall with sanding, primer and paint
  • Neutralizing your home for a sale
  • Making your new home move-in ready
  • Painting after damage to your home due to fire, leaks, weather events, etc.
  • Special projects such as painting built-ins, painting out kitchen cupboards or reviving bathroom vanities

Satisfaction Guarnateed

With our top-quality products, high level of customer service, and superior attention to detail, we are the Premier Interior House Painters of Grants Pass, Oregon.


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