At Good Neighbor Painting, we are proud to be part of the Grants Pass community, and we want all our neighbors to enjoy and appreciate their homes. As our way of welcoming newcomers and giving a fond farewell to those who are moving away, we would like to share our top picks among Grants Pass real estate agents.

Grants Pass Realtors

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Grants Pass has a history dating back to the early 19th century and traces its name back to General Ulysses S. Grant’s victory in the Battle of Vicksburg. It continues to be a thriving community and a hub of commerce in the 21st century. Median home values in Grants Pass are higher than the national average, although lower than the median for Oregon.

Finding just the right home in Grants Pass takes skill and dedication. Realtors have to know everything from the latest new construction techniques to the generations of history in established homes. They have to appreciate southern Oregon’s natural beauty, recognize the challenges posed by its climate, and have a solid feel for its neighborhoods.

If you are investing in a property in or near Grants Pass, you want the best realtor with the skills and perseverance to hunt down the leads that are perfect for you. If you are selling, you want a realtor who truly appreciates your property’s value and knows how to communicate that value to potential buyers.

Top Ten Real Estate Brokers in Grants Pass

Each of these brokers or teams has a five-star rating on the review sites. They have ratings and testimonials of their past successes, and each has a unique approach to real estate. Take some time to visit their websites and get to know how each of them can help you find your new home or sell your current home in Grants Pass, Oregon.

1. Eugene Realty Group

The Eugene Realty Group has been in business for 15 years and is open 24/7 for your convenience. Visit their website for listings, testimonials, and videos for buyers and sellers of real estate. They have more five-star reviews on Google than anyone else on this list.

(541) 692-1554

2. Joe Yates Real Estate

Find listings, articles, mortgage rates, and more from Joe Yates Real Estate. Joe Yates has been serving the Medford area for 13 years and is a member of the Delta Group.

(458) 213-8185

3. Scott Gephart

Based in Medford with a vast service area, Scott Gephart is a member of the Delta Group with two decades of experience. You can save money by searching through Scott Gephart’s price-reduced listings.

(458) 216-2900

4. The Bifano Home Team

With a focus on innovation, The Bifano Home Team guides its clients through the complex real-estate landscape of the 21st century. Their website has a tool for estimating home values.

(458) 200-2233


The team at TRUHOME Inc. brings passion and over two decades of experience to real estate. Visit their website for the latest listings and search by city with the click of a mouse.

(458) 200-2407

6. Travis Moddison

Travis Moddison is a newcomer to the Southern Oregon real-estate scene with eXp Realty LLC. He is passionate about the southern Oregon region.

(805) 254-8718

7. Michael Polen

Michael Polen is a longstanding member of the southern Oregon community who works with SOlisted. He complements his negotiating experience with extras like flyers and staging to sell homes even in challenging situations.

(302) 202-7027

8. Rasmussen Real Estate Group

The Rasmussen Real Estate Group has been helping Oregonians find homes for over 30 years. Get to know their team, watch their introductory video, and estimate your next mortgage or your home’s value on their website.

(575) 209-2157

9. Team Toner

The team of Karen and Terry Toner brings nearly two decades of experience and professionalism to the table. They know Grant’s Pass, and they’ll put their knowledge to work for you.

(458) 200-2406

10. Adam Rutledge

Armed with a degree in Business Finance from Oregon State and a decade of experience, Adam Rutledge has brokered real estate deals in the million-dollar range. He has the experience you need to buy or sell your home.

(541) 778-9677

Finding the Best Real Estate Agents

Whether you’ve looked through our list or branched out on your own, you’ve probably narrowed your choices down to a shortlist of candidates that meet your needs. What should you look for in Grants Pass real estate agents when the time comes to make your final pick?

You need to know that you will be able to work with the realtor through a potentially stressful process that could go on for months. As you speak with each candidate, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they licensed and experienced?
  • Do they communicate well with you and potential negotiating partners?
  • Are they organized, and do they have the facts on hand when they need them?
  • Do they have the time to pay attention to you and demonstrate that they understand your expectations?

Revitalize Your House With Good Neighbor Painting

Whether you’re a prospective home buyer or looking to sell your current home in Grants Pass, you want it to look its best. We work with homeowners and Grants Pass real estate agents to prepare homes for staging and open-house viewings. Once you’ve moved into a new house, we can help you give the space a unique, personal vibe all your own.

For unmatched diligence and creativity in house painting solutions throughout the Greater Southwest Oregon Region, choose Good Neighbor Painting.