Professional Commercial Painters of Medford, Oregon

For high-quality commercial painting services in Medford, Oregon you can count on, the team at Good Neighbor Painting has the solutions you need. We specialize in superior commercial painting services for businesses, commercial property owners, industrial facilities, healthcare facilities and government institutions throughout Southern Oregon. Our commercial painters help create good first impressions for your business or facility.

Apartment Complexes

If you own an apartment complex you know you need to keep up appearances to attract and retain tenants. Your income depends on a steady flow of rent which is easier to sustain with superior maintenance in your common areas. Our commercial painters can create a welcoming home environment where tenants are happy. Paint is an affordable makeover for your halls, lobby and amenities. We can also neutralize units in between tenants creating a clean slate where people will instantly feel at home.

Hotels & Motels

Constant turnover of guests causes ongoing wear and tear of your hotel or motel. Whether you are a luxury hotel or a comfy roadside motel in Medford, you want your weary guests to find clean, welcoming accommodations for their stay. Your rooms and amenities need to maintain a level of repair that sends the right message to your guests. Our commercial painting services help present a warm welcome where guests feel safe and at home. We offer both exterior and interior commercial painting services.

HOA & Property Management

Good Neighbor Painting helps property managers and HOAs maintain the value of their property. We offer interior and exterior painting solutions that keep your property in pristine condition while keeping your residents happy. Whether you need a complete makeover of your common areas or need touch-ups to keep everything in tip-top shape, we can handle your painting needs. Both exterior and interior painting services are available for your condominium properties.

Schools, Hospitals & Facilities

We offer commercial painting services in Medford, OR to improve the appearance of your schools and hospitals. Whether it is exterior or interior painting, we improve your facility to maintain a presentable appearance for students, visitors or patients. We help create a sense of community for your educational and healthcare facilities.

Storefronts & Offices

If you own a commercial property, upkeep is very important to attract the right tenants. Business owners want a storefront or office that sends the right message to their clientele. You can ensure your building stands out from the rest with a fresh coat of exterior paint. We can offer recommendations for budget-friendly painting options that improve the value of your commercial properties.


No one wants to eat in a restaurant that doesn’t feel clean. Fresh paint creates a welcoming atmosphere and can help improve your restaurant’s ambience to make your guests feel comfortable. Your food can be excellent, but if your interiors appear neglected and dirty, people won’t want to eat in your restaurant. An affordable makeover with something as simple as a fresh coat of stain-resistant paint can help you attract and retain customers. Good Neighbor Painting specializes in restaurant makeovers, creating warmth and ambience to keep your guests coming back. 

Religious Buildings

Religious buildings need to present a welcoming, safe environment for your community. Although we understand you have a limited budget, we offer affordable solutions to help you keep up appearances, so your community has a special place to gather and worship.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Fitness centers and gyms are all about health. Your facility needs to appear spotless, to help retain members. We can improve your brand image with a makeover that provides a higher-end, wellness-forward look to your facility so people feel they can trust you to help keep them in good shape.

Commercial Painting Services for Your Organization

Our experienced Medford painters have completed commercial painting projects for a diverse selection of organizations. We offer free quotes and can help you find budget-friendly commercial painting solutions. Our goal is to help improve your business or facility with smart solutions that create welcoming, safe environments. We understand our commercial clients have different needs and unique scenarios and we ensure you remain compliant within your industry.

Dependable Commercial & industrial painters

Good Neighbor Painting is your Medford, OR commercial and industrial painting experts. Our trained painters offer exterior and interior painting services to help you maintain the value of your commercial spaces to attract and retain tenants. Our painters can also assist with your community/religious facilities, schools, healthcare centers and government buildings.

Speak to our team today for a free quote on your next commercial, industrial, or multi-unit residential painting project.