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Premium interior House painting services

We transform homes into inviting, stylish spaces with a team of skilled painters who share a passion for their work. Every job is completed using the right paints and painting techniques to ensure impeccable results. Our team specializes in creating stunning spaces with durable finishes offering lasting beauty.

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We can handle a full interior repaint whether you have a brand-new home or are looking for an affordable interior makeover. Our team of expert residential painters will help you repaint every room in the house from top to bottom including the walls, doors, ceiling, and trim with color selections to suit your taste.

Tired of staring at the same old boring wall? We can paint a single wall in your home to create a focal point or cover up repairs. 

Ceiling painting is a messy, strenuous job best left to professionals. Our team makes it look easy and leaves a perfect finish throughout your home.

Our team is ready to prep, prime, and paint your trim following a flooring installation, or to refresh tired old paint.

Modernize your home with a coat of fresh paint for your interior doors. This is an affordable makeover that can make a big difference, updating your home with a contemporary look. 

Whether you had a leak, a hole or sagging sheetrock, our team can repair your damage for a smooth and seamless finish.

Caulking can fix a whole lot of woes from uneven paint jobs to drafty windows and from messy tubs and shower stalls to kitchen backsplashes. We can help seal areas of your home with our caulking services. 

New wood and drywall require priming to ensure the paint adheres to it properly. Our professional painters ensure you have the proper base, for long-lasting paint finishes.

Sanding is a necessary step to smooth out walls after drywall installation. However, it creates a lot of dust. We can sand your walls and reduce the dust in your home creating a smooth finish ready for primer and paint. 

Our premium cabinet painting services offer an instant makeover without the need for messy, costly cabinet tear-outs and replacements.

Unmatched attention to detail

We stand behind our work

Our experienced Medford painters skillfully apply every brush stroke with perfection in mind. We are detail-oriented, considering your lifestyle, décor, and home style to ensure you have the right paint to improve your living space. This is the secret to improving each room in your home, allowing you to increase your home’s value. We respect your space taking care to protect your home while we paint. Good Neighbor Painting ensures detailed work with crisp finished lines, rich color, and durability for long-lasting results.

We settle for nothing less than perfection

The Value of High-Quality Paint Jobs

Painting is the most affordable way to rejuvenate a living space. When it’s time for a makeover, we can recommend the best painting designs to make the most of your budget. You can easily transform your home with simple color changes. As professional painters in Medford, we use proper techniques and the right type of paint for a beautifully durable finish that lasts for years to come. We are a company that respects the results a carefully applied coat of paint offers. 

Our painters add significant value to your property when it comes time to sell. However, we also increase the enjoyment of your home by recreating your rooms into a more comfortable, livable space. Our professional Medford painters take painstaking steps to ensure perfection, offering the easiest, most affordable makeover solution to redecorate your home.

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Expert Advice for Your Interior Painting Projects

We believe every painting job is unique. Each of our customers has different tastes, budgets and interior challenges that we carefully address. Our team has a keen eye for design, specializing in interior home painting. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we can help you choose the ideal color scheme for your home. We can work with you or your interior decorator to create harmonious living spaces.

Our painters can help you achieve your design goals whether it is preparing your home for sale, changing the feel of the room, creating a focal point or hiding imperfections. Our mission is to help you achieve the exact look you desire. We can assist with all your painting projects including:

  • Total home makeovers
  • Finishing new drywall with sanding, primer and paint
  • Neutralizing your home for a sale
  • Making your new home move-in ready
  • Painting after damage to your home due to fire, leaks, weather events, etc.
  • Special projects such as painting built-ins, painting out kitchen cupboards or reviving bathroom vanities

Satisfaction Guarnateed

With our top-quality products, high level of customer service, and superior attention to detail, we are the Premier Interior House Painters of Medford, Oregon.


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Good Neighbor Painting offers a passionate team of expert painters who work with minimal disruption to your home. We pride ourselves on delivering the superior results you deserve with a focus on perfection. Let our team transform your space. We offer stunning color options and first-class workmanship honoring the skills of our trade. We can add significant value to your property while providing a space you can truly enjoy.