Medford Handymen with an attention to detail

At Good Neighbor Painting, we specialize in superior house painting and handyman services throughout Medford, OR. We offer years of experience completing local handyman projects throughout the Southern Oregon area. When you have finicky, time-consuming, or difficult jobs you need completed around the house, our team of trusted, skilled handymen can assist. If you are frustrated those little handyman jobs keep getting delayed because you are too busy, or are trying to avoid them, we’re just a phone call away. We’ll make quick work of your to do list so you can relax and enjoy your home.


At Good Neighbor Painting, our handymen are ready to tackle just about any repair. We are ready to offer your home some well-deserved TLC, so everything works as it should. Just give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can do it. From drywall to door jambs and from baseboards to electrical outlets, we have a talented team to get the job done. Whether it’s part of an overall painting project or you’re just looking to spruce up some of the rooms in your house, we can make whatever repairs you need.


Our carpenters take pride in providing superior workmanship for your customized carpentry projects. We offer affordable carpentry services for both interior and exterior projects. We can handle your projects from start to finish for impressive results you’ll love. Just share your vision with us and we will help make it a reality.


When your drywall has cracks or holes it makes the whole living space look a little less appealing. Drywall is the go-to choice for most homeowners these days, and it makes sense to keep it in good condition and looking great. Our skilled drywall experts are available to hang your walls or install your ceilings as well as make drywall repairs. We offer expert installation, so your walls and ceilings are perfectly square and seamless. We can then sand, prime and paint to complete the job. If you have a different wall material in mind, we can discuss your needs and ideas and offer solutions to get the results you desire. 


Our handymen specialize in a long list of interior and exterior installation services. We offer affordable installation solutions whether it is safety or towel bars in the bathroom or customized storage in your bedroom closet. We install items in every room, from storage units in the garage to wall mounting your TV in the family room. If it requires installation just give us a call and we’ll offer affordable solutions for your installation projects. We also assist with basic plumbing and electrical installs like faucets and light fixtures. For major installations, we can discuss your needs for flooring, interior doors, trim and more. 


If you don’t have the time or physical ability to take care of your home and property, we are ready to assist. Good Neighbor Painting can assist with all your home maintenance projects throughout the year. Let us take over the hard work such as cleaning your gutters, removing weeds from your walkways or preparing your deck for the summer. Whether you are too busy, not physically able to complete the work, or need some downtime, we are happy to take over your maintenance tasks and help protect your most important asset. 

Professional Handymen in Medford, OR

As a residential painter, we realized our customers could use a little help for a long list of projects. That’s why we decided to offer handyman services in  Medford, OR, in addition to painting. We have the skills to handle all those jobs you aren’t able to tackle. Whether it is assembling new furniture, little repair jobs, or more involved carpentry projects, we will repair, install and manage the high maintenance projects in your home such as:

  • Broken kitchen cupboard doors
  • Damaged drywall
  • Replacing cracked and damaged trim and baseboards
  • Improving door and window energy efficiency with caulking and weather stripping
  • Installing everything from closet organizers to window treatments
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Assembling new furniture
  • Hanging paintings and artwork

Just give us a call to discuss your projects and we will happily make them happen. We have the skills and tools to complete common and not-so-common handyman tasks around your house or on your property. We take great pride in finding solutions for your problems as seasoned handymen who have seen it all.